5 Reasons why Prefab Homes are More Sustainable

In America, green building solutions for homes and developments are rising in popularity – and for good reasons. Builders, designers, and homeowners are experiencing some amazing benefits from choosing sustainable design strategies that not only impact their health but the land too.

Prefab models and tiny homes are one of the biggest trends in the sustainable building movement. They are energy-efficient, good for the environment, healthy and clean, and often really stunning with luxurious finishes. Read below to find out the top five ways prefab homes are contributing to a more green world.

1) Waste Reduction: Since our homes are being built through a factory-controlled process, the construction phase is naturally more material- and resource-efficient. Our homes are assembled in a controlled environment. In the facility, we are eliminating the waste that comes from weather factors and construction-site theft, reducing overall construction waste by up to 80%. Furthermore, since our homes are delivered in a nearly-completed condition, we limit any onsite waste.

2) Energy-Efficient: With a SmartPads home, say hello to lower energy bills. Our homes are built with more exact tolerances reducing air infiltration, which accounts for up to 20% of the heating and cooling cost of a home. Lastly, our homes typically use low-energy light bulbs, including CFLs or LEDs, which are more durable and saves you more energy.

3) Whole House HEPA Filtration Units: These ensure healthy indoor air quality and are effective at removing particles down to .3 microns and larger. They collect dust, mold, spores, and viruses. HEPA filters are the #1 choice of physicians and are often used in hospital operating rooms, where clean air environments are required.

4) Energy and Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV’s / ERV’S): These are an energy efficient way to achieve, healthy, fresh air in a super insulated home. They exhaust the stale, humid air and bring in fresh outside air to keep your home fresh and healthy.

5) Better Built: A prefab home is built to a higher degree of accuracy. They are built to stricter tolerances and are more energy efficient. In addition, because factory-built components are built to withstand shipping, they are generally built stronger than site built homes.

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Are prefab homes the answer to Colorado’s housing shortage?

Is Prefab the Answer to Colorado’s Housing Shortage?

Colorado is in the middle of an affordable-housing crisis that cities across the state, especially mountain towns, are struggling to solve. According to a 2018 report by government-backed mortgage giant Freddie Mac, “the amount of housing in Colorado that was affordable to people making less than half of the median income had plunged by more than 75% between 2010 and 2016 — one of the biggest decreases in the country.”

It is clear that Colorado needs new housing, but our local building industry is not big enough to meet the supply, nor is it affordable for many. The number of construction and higher-skilled workers like carpenters, plumbers, and electricians are decreasing. With the demand for Colorado homes increasing at a rapid rate and the number of industry workers decreasing, prices of building a new home in Colorado are at an all-time high.

Transitioning from Traditional On-site Construction to Prefab

Prefab homes could be the solution to Colorado’s high demand for affordable housing. Compared to new construction homes, prefab homes are typically more affordable. The total cost of prefab homes can greatly change based on size, amenities, and location. However, buyers can expect to pay anywhere between $170 and $230 per square foot, which often includes the interior finishings and amenities of the home.

According to the United States Census Bureau, prefabs and modular homes account for almost 70% of new homes costing less than $150,000. And in January 2018, the average sale price for a prefab home without land was $93,000, which is 88% less than the average cost for a mountain home in Colorado.

With the cost difference alone, prefab homes and developments can address Colorado’s affordable housing crisis in a revolutionary way.  Prefab homes provide the ability to produce quickly and at scale. Not only is this a solution to Colorado’s shortage of affordable living, but it is increasing the rate at which new homes are completed and ready to be lived in, without compromising their modern design and quality.

The SmartPads Solution

Here at SmartPads, we specialize in creating cutting-edge real estate solutions for Colorado buyers that provide more value at less cost and in a shorter time frame. Through our innovative building strategy, we eliminate more than 50% of construction line items while elevating quality through our phased construction timeline. While our homes are being built in an indoor facility in Utah, site preparation work can be simultaneously done on the land.

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Is it Really Possible to Build a Home in Less Than Four Months?

Once you’ve decided to build the home of your dreams, you want to move in as soon as possible. But in most situations, building a home takes a long time. From contractor delays to weather factors and changes in plans, there are a lot of issues that prolong the move-in date for your new home.

However, there is a better and faster way you can move into the custom home of your dreams. At SmartPads, we can decrease your construction time in less than half through our unique prefab solutions and provide significant savings. For instance:

  • We have a fixed bid for home design, engineering, and build so there are minimal contingencies.
  • The shorter timeframe also provides for a shorter interest rate period on your loan.
  • This also results in significantly less construction draws, saving time and bank charges.
  • All architectural costs are included and capped, as are engineering fees.

What Makes It Go So Fast?

At SmartPads, we eliminate more than 50% of construction line items while simultaneously elevating quality through our phased construction timeline. While our homes are being built in an indoor facility in Utah, site preparation work can be simultaneously done on the land. And since the homes are built in a controlled facility, they avoid any delays due to weather (e.g., snow and thaw/freeze) or insufficient and damaged materials.

There’s nothing worse than your framer being five days late for the job so you must move the start date and consequently he’s now on a different job. Every sub change can move the deadline of a traditional stick build home and the ripple effect continues down the line. At SmartPads, our facility is like a clean baton change in a relay race. As soon as the framing is finished, our plumbers and electricians are ready onsite to start. It’s 100% synchronized.

Our prefab modular homes are delivered and completed onsite much faster than stick-built homes. The entire home is usually completed in 30 days or less.

Yes, It Really Is Possible to Build a Home in Less than 4 Months

From start to finish, our designs take approximately four weeks to build. That includes the concrete foundation, the core infrastructure, and a fully completed exterior and interior for all doors, windows, roof and finishes

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Why Prefab Is Perfect for the Mountains

According to Zillow, Colorado home prices have been soaring for years, with today’s median mountain home price climbing close to $800,000. With the housing shortage in Colorado, all signs point to prices climbing even higher in the near future.

Purchasing and building a Colorado mountain home is increasingly attractive for a new generation of adventure seekers, second-homeowners, and growing families. With the increasing prices make it more difficult to build and own homes in the mountains, homeowners need to think outside of the box to make smarter, savvier decisions.

The scary reality for people is blowing their budget and contingency plan due to general contractors having no caps on their budget line items, leaving many overages. SmartPads homes are fixed bid. Your price is locked in.

More Colorado Homeowners are choosing Prefab

SmartPads modern and affordable prefab home designs fit mountain lifestyles. The owners of SmartPads have a background in building high-end, custom mountain homes and draw from this design and aesthetic experience to deliver the same level of contemporary living experiences, but blended with the benefits of prefab homes.

The benefits of prefab:

  • More cost-effective, move-in ready in months, and easy to maintain
  • Provide a high-quality, high-end modern aesthetic design
  • More sustainable and energy-efficient

SmatPads has aa firm vision of quality and luxury and are turning to prefab structures to address the costly effects of the Colorado housing shortage.

Why Choosing SmartPads Is Right for You

Prefab Homes Are Sustainable and Energy-Efficient

SmartPads designs are built with more exact tolerances reducing air infiltration, which accounts for up to 20% of the heating and cooling cost of a home.

Prefab Homes Are More Affordable and Faster

Our construction method reduces waste and expensive onsite labor. We pass these savings on to you. Additionally, we have an array of building material choices which will require less maintenance, meaning the long-term cost of ownership is far lower.

Prefab modular homes are delivered and completed onsite much faster than stick-built homes. The entire home is can be completed in 4 months or less.

Prefab Homes Are Stylish, Modern, and High-Quality

Each SmartPads prefab home is an architectural vision that includes contemporary luxury designs with a host of designer-worthy finishing options. Our prefab homes are built to the highest degree of accuracy and are designed to withstand shipping and crane delivery; they are often stronger than site-built counterparts.  

Prefab Homes Are Sustainable and Energy-Efficient

SmartPads designs are built with more exact tolerances reducing air infiltration, which accounts for up to 20% of the heating and cooling cost of a home. We have options of closed-cell foam insulation – the very highest standard in the industry, as well as being supported with ERV circulation to ensure appropriate airflow throughout the home.

From the environment to your bank account, all these features make SmartPads the perfect choice for building a new mountain home in Colorado.

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SmartPads Used in Colorado Tiny Home Development

We are excited to utilize on of our smaller modular footprints for this innovative development concept in Hayden, Colorado. The proposal is to have a 10-unit tiny home neighborhood in the town of Hayden which is just 20 minutes West of Steamboat Springs, a well known ski mountain town. This coming January, the Routt County Regional Building Department is prepared to begin evaluating building permits and plans for tiny homes in the area. The tiny home movement is really taking off and now is the time to be a part of it. We are honored to be a part of the local movement and expect to see lots more action in the coming years. The Steamboat Pilot newspaper published an article today featuring our founders. Have a look below at the article for more information.

Streamlining Designs for Prefab Modern Homes

Owning a mountain contemporary home can be more streamlined than you think. With architecture trends shifting in mountain communities, we are starting to see a new style of luxurious mountain contemporary homes. For those looking for a streamlined solution, while still having the ability to bring custom touches to their home, SmartPads is an option worth pursuing. SmartPads designs utilize a combination of high-end modern materials including vertical grain cedar and high grade rolled steel siding, to create a fusion of function and luxury. Here are some examples of our modern and functional prefab designs. Each home can be made fully custom based on your preferences. We offer a wide variety of choices for every aspect of the home down to the nitty gritty details and most options are included in the base price. Anything that is an added cost is clearly specified with added cost amounts clearly stated. The process could not be more seamless.


The Mid-Range Housing Market Crisis in Steamboat Springs

This article published by the Steamboat Pilot newspaper touches the surface of the housing market crisis in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Many people migrate to our little ski town for a multitude of perks, but cheap housing is certainly not one of them. Very few affordable single family homes come on the market throughout the year and buyers are simply not given many options. Plus, most of the homes that are listed under $1M within the City limits often need many repairs.  Buyers in the mid-price range are finding it nearly impossible to find newer, nicer housing options that meet their desires.

This is where SmartPads comes into play and why we are excited to bring stylish, efficient, affordable prefab home solutions to Steamboat Springs. Imagine owning a new home custom designed to your own specs and paying significantly less than buying one that is presently on the market. Let us help you create your dream home in the Yampa Valley without having to sacrifice location, finances, or luxury.