How much does it cost to build a prefab home from start to finish?

Prefab homes are gaining traction in the Colorado market. In 2019 alone, SmartPads has had sales closing in Leadville, Nathrop, Winter Park, Steamboat Springs, and Hayden. Prefab is a high-quality, faster building option that is suiting the needs of today’s homeowner. We pride ourselves on transparency and efficiency, so we wrote this blog to help you to understand how much it costs to build a prefab home from start to finish.

Your SmartPads home is delivered as a complete package, right down to all the finishes, installed appliances, lights, and cabinetry. Approximately half of your budget will be used for purchasing the design and selecting the finishes you want for your SmartPads home. The other half will be the cost of General Contractor to cover local labor and locally sourced builder’s materials (such as foundation, utilities infrastructure, etc.), as well as preparation of the site (such as removal of trees or boulders, or adjusting the site work as needed if there is a steep slope).

Consider these three groups when putting together your overall budget.

In general, your SmartPads home, with the actual quality finishes all selected, will likely cost around $170/square foot for the home itself.  Prefab homes come with many cost-savings when compared to traditionally built homes. For instance: 

  • HIGHER QUALITY. A prefab home is built to a higher degree of accuracy than site-built homes, is more energy efficient, and is built to withstand shipping so it is considerably stronger.
  • FASTER BUILD. Prefab modular homes are delivered and completed onsite much faster than stick-built homes, usually within 30 days or less.
  • ENERGY-EFFICIENT. Your home is built with more exact tolerances reducing air infiltration, which accounts for up to 20% of the heating and cooling cost of a home.
  • LOWER COST. Our construction methods reduce waste and expensive onsite labor, so we pass these savings on to you.

SmartPads’ Shasta design was recently built in Steamboat Springs and delivered savings of more than $80,000 when compared to what it would have cost if someone followed the traditional building route.  

SmartPads provides affordable prefab home solutions that are stylish, efficient, and smart. Our team has over 20 years of experience in real estate development, management, and sales. Our focus is on building highly efficient, healthy, environmentally sustainable homes in less time and for less money than traditional builds. 

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8 Steps to Own a New Home

SmartPads prefab homes provide for smart living powered by smart thinking. Let’s get started!


We can deliver and set your SmartPads home anywhere you would build a regular house, although topography of the land is an important consideration for certain designs. Whether you want to live close to town or off-the-grid, SmartPads and a local Realtor of your choice will provide you with the tools to find the right parcel of land. 


SmartPad’s designs are a fusion of luxury and function, incorporating quality materials such as vertical grain cedar siding, high-grade steel accents, stone countertops, and hardwood flooring. By starting with smart design options, we eliminate the hassles. No weekend trips to showrooms across the state, no wasted time due to weather or traffic, and best of all you get to take advantage of our wholesale purchasing power with curated vendors and suppliers of high-end finishes. Our wide range array of quality designs that are compliant with local civil and design building codes. We sell the home to you at a fixed cost. Pricing includes architectural design fees, civil engineering, and plan sets that are ready to be presented to your local building department. We make it easy and efficient! 


We do not act as a general contractor (GC). You will need to source a local general contractor. We can make introductions to partner GC’s where we have them in select locations. We can facilitate the shipment of the prefab home to your site. However, setting the modular home and all the onsite work is done through a local GC. The GC will also be responsible for hiring the crane and the set crew, preparing the site, installing the foundation (and garage, if desired), managing site engineering and permitting, and administering and observing overall onsite construction. SmartPads provides the home and supports you and the GC with guidance, expertise, and introductions to partner industry professionals. When you build a SmartPads home, there is a lot less onsite work, thus less for the GC. This often translates to a much lower GC fee as compared to a traditionally built home. 


Approximately half of your construction budget will be used for purchasing the SmartPads home design and selecting the finishes you want for your home. The other half will be the cost of GC to cover local site work and locally sourced builder’s materials (such as foundation, underground utilities etc.), as well as preparation of the site (such as removal of trees or boulders, or adjusting the site work as needed if there is a steep slope). An easily accessible, level lot with utilities near the main road requires the least amount of site preparation, and a traditional stem wall with footers foundation often is the most cost-effective. 

Consider these three groups when putting together your overall budget.

*These items are addressed by SmartPads. 


We can help you to identify the right loan product and introduce you to partner lenders. You will need to secure a construction loan. Unlike home mortgages, construction loans are interest only and short-term. You can obtain a construction-to-permanent loan (also known as a “rollover” one-time close) that starts as a construction loan and then converts to a mortgage after the home is built. Or, you can secure a construction-only loan that a lender would replace with a mortgage after the Certificate of Occupancy is obtained. Your SmartPads prefab home is on equal lending terms with a traditionally built home, only faster and better built. 


Depending on your land parcel, site work can be streamlined to extensive. Your GC will select and manage bids to have the site cleared and prepared so that the foundation can be laid.  


This is one of the most exciting parts of the process – when you get to see your own home being delivered and “set” on your land… all in one day! Your GC will secure any necessary parking and transportation permits, as well as get the crane set up, in preparation for the trucks to arrive with your home. After this, the GC will hook up your water, sewer, electrical, gas, and complete any finishing touches on the exterior/interior. 


With a SmartPads home, moving day will come faster than a traditional build, and you’ll have more cash left over to make it your own. 

If you are in the market for a new home, consider SmartPads as a quality option that can deliver real savings. Visit to learn more or call Ryan Cox at 970-819-5359. 

Prefab Homes Deliver Real Savings When Compared to Traditional Builds

Building a home comes with a lot of considerations and variables that can really impact your budget, timeline, and the amount of sleepless nights received as a result of the experience. Have you considered minimizing these variables by building a prefab home?

Prefab homes deliver sizeable savings when compared to building a traditional, stick-built style of home.

To make this come to life, consider this real-life example of SmartPads’ Shasta design that was recently built in Steamboat Springs in the new First Sunlight subdivision. This home delivered savings in excess of $80,000 when compared to what it would have cost if someone followed the traditional building route.

If you are in the market for a new home, consider SmartPads as a quality option that can deliver real savings. Visit to learn more or call Ryan Cox at 970-819-5359.

SmartPads Prefab Homes Gain Traction

Home-grown, Steamboat-based building company, SmartPads, surpasses all expectations on price and quality of prefab homes with its sale of a single-family home in the new Sunlight subdivision for $874,000. Steamboat’s most recent single-family subdivision has seen 13 sales spanning over the last 15 months. The SmartPads prefab home sold for $461 per square foot, which is the second-highest sale on a price per square foot and actual sales price basis for the subdivision. The home is located at 1513 Sunset Way and was sold by the Fryer Group at Steamboat Sotheby’s International Realty.

“A lot of people have preconceived notions about prefab homes, but this sale reinforces the fact that consumers today are on their way to being well-informed about the advantages of prefab homes which are built in a facility with controlled conditions,” said Ryan Cox, co-owner of SmartPads LLC. “These homes are built more efficiently which means shorter build times and reduced cost variability. Our prefab homes are sold at a fixed cost, and we’ve found that when our clients partner with the right local General Contractor there are real savings for the owner. On the back end, these homes can resale at a premium based on modern design aesthetics, quality construction and finishes, and energy efficiency, making them a great investment opportunity as well.”

“This 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom single-family home design, known as The Shasta, is the optimal convergence of modern luxury design and indoor/outdoor living,” commented Cox. “With multiple decks, including a generous rooftop deck off the master bedroom, this design is the perfect fit for those who like to move freely from the indoors to the outside.”

“The efficiency we deliver with our prefab models translates to savings in time, energy, and money which are all passed back to the home-owner,” noted Cox. “It’s a streamlined process with less bank interest, less rent to pay while you’re waiting, no engineering and architectural fees, and limited contingencies. Most of our homes take only three to six months to build compared to 12+ months for custom builds.”

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Why Local Prefab Homes are better than Amazon’s Prefab Homes

Amazon Enters the Prefab Homes Industry

Amazon has become a one-stop-shop for consumers all across the country. Whether you’re looking for everyday toiletries to the latest and greatest in tech or even a new rainbow cat sweatshirt, you can find it on Amazon. Now, Amazon is taking its never-ending list of inventory to new a new level: prefab homes.

In 2018, Amazon announced an investment in prefab homes called PlantPrefabs. The home-building startup creates prefab single- and multi-family homes Plant Prefab homes are modern and eco-friendly, and designed for an urban environment. Ranging from $5,000 to $500,000, homeowners can have a new house delivered within days.

While the concept draws on the anticipated comfort of buying a home from your already go-to online shop, there are risks and downfalls as well. Instead, consult with a company that specializes in custom prefab home designs so you can ensure that every detail fits your lifestyle and needs.

SmartPads: The Smarter Choice for Prefab Homes

At SmartPads, you can play a major role in designing your own prefab home by selecting your finishes, roof, amenities, and more from our virtual showroom. Whether your budget calls for mid-range to high-end finishes, you have total control of how your prefab home will be designed. Our builders work with you thoughtfully to make sure we build you the prefab home of your dreams.

In Colorado, prefab homes are perfect for the ever-growing demand for housing. If you want to build a brand new home, with a vision already in mind, partner with SmartPads to build the prefab home of your dreams. We design mountain townhomes that are completely tailored to the Colorado market and we are based in Steamboat Springs. Contact our team to learn more about building a Colorado prefab home.